Home Delivery

It’s true, you can have Cress Spring Bakery bread delivered right to your front door. We offer our home delivery service, in the Madison area only, on Fridays from November through April.

The system is simple. Each week we will send you an email with a selection menu for the following week. You contact us with your order, and we show up at your doorstep with fresh bread. We also offer a selection of sweets and granola for home delivery. 

It is not necessary to order every week. Orders may be placed by phone or email and must be placed by Wednesday for Friday delivery. You may place a standing order if you wish. Although we strongly encourage you to order on time, we are usually able to fill late orders. If you missed the deadline and still want to order, please contact us. There is a $2 fee for all orders coming in after Wednesday.

We deliver in the afternoon and evening. We cannot guarantee delivery time, but we can let you know an approximate time for your neighborhood if you wish. If you will not be home when we deliver, please let us know where you would like us to leave your order.

We can deliver bread in either paper or plastic bags - let us know what you prefer. Your order will come in paper unless you request plastic.

There is a $1 delivery fee added to each order. There is no minimum order, but all orders under $10 will be charged an additional $1 fee. We accept cash or checks. You can either pay with cash or check when we deliver, or mail a check in later. Your balance due will appear on your order each week.

Delivery is not available to all locations - please call or email us
to find out if you are in our delivery area.

For a more extensive selection of our breads and sweets, come to the Saturday Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square or the Westside Community Market during the summer. We are also at the winter farmer’s market at Monona Terrace in November and December, and at the Senior Center from January - April. 

Please let us know if you would like to be added to our email list. 

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