About the Bakery

Welcome to Cress Spring Bakery


At Cress Spring Bakery we craft bread with the pure ingredients and ancient techniques that have been used throughout Europe for thousands of years. Following in this tradition, we use natural leavening, a wood-fired brick oven, and our own hands and intellects to create nutritious, eminently satisfying loaves.


Because people, as well as our natural leavening, thrive when unhindered by pesticides or other chemical residues, we use wholesome, organic ingredients. We need only a few simple ingredients, as naturally leavened bread is delicious without the addition of fats, dairy, or sweeteners.

Most of our breads consist simply of whole grains, water, and salt. We use only pure, deep well water and unrefined Celtic sea salt. Hand harvested from salt marshes off the coast of Brittany, this salt is a whole food containing a balance of many minerals. 

In addition to our standard breads, we also offer granola and pastries, incorporating locally grown organic produce. By working with local farmers we ensure that our ingredients are fresh and at the peak of their flavor and vitality. We consider ourselves part of a local food economy, and strive to buy ingredients directly from farmers whenever possible, as close to home as possible.

Built in 1996, Cress Spring Bakery is the ongoing adventure of Jeff Ford, who has been pondering the mysteries of fermentation since he dropped out of business school 30 years ago.

Baker Photo: Bill Lubing