We are able to ship bread and granola from November through April - we do not ship during the summer farmers' market season. 

We believe strongly that food should be grown, purchased, and consumed as close to home as possible. Bread is a perishable product, and using large quantities of fossil fuels to ship it over great distances does not fit in with our business philosophy.

“The conspicuous consumption of limited resources 
has yet to be accepted widely as a spiritual error, 
or even bad manners.”
- Barbara Kingsolver

Due to this commitment, the following conditions apply:
  • We will only ship bread within a one day shipping range - this means Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and parts of Iowa and Minnesota.
  • There is a $30 minimum order for shipping. 
  • We charge what Fedex charges us for shipping, plus $1.50 per order for handling. Approximate shipping charges are $15 for five loaves, $18 for ten loaves, but the cost will vary by location. Please call or email for more accurate shipping estimates. 

We bake and ship on Fridays, and you should receive your bread on Saturday. We need orders by Wednesday for Friday shipment. We will send an invoice with your order and you may mail us a check or call with a credit card number. 

 Please contact us if you are interested.